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Insulation Type HSS sleeve

Kategorie: Isolierung
Hersteller: Markert Gruppe


Insulation Type HSS

Pyro-silicon heat predection sleeve – e-glass filament yarn

asbestos-free, harmless to health
mechanically highly stressable, good abrasion resistance, very good insulation

Predection against splashes of liquid metal, welding sparks, briefly exposure to flames
highly resistant to industrial chemicals and hydraulic oil
Rolls of 15 m or 30 m available

Material: e-glass filament yarn - interwoven, silicone coated
Dimension: thickness ca. 5 mm (silicone coating ca. 2 mm)
Temperature: resistant up to 260 °C, Peaks (15 ... 30 s) up to 1640 °C
Disruptive strength: 19,1 kv/mm



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